Monday, November 21, 2016

Pre-Holiday Happenings at ALEC

Hello folks! I hope you are taking care and getting excited for the holiday season to begin. It's just starting to get chilly, and we've been busy here at ALEC as the first snow begins to fall!

We wanted to walk you through a brief description of our happenings here at our facility. Between building robots, expressing our gratitude's and taking the time to celebrate, we know you're in for a treat! 

Our friends at the YMCA always get the creativity flowing before a science lesson with a fun, interactive warm-up activity! This week, it was "never have I ever".

Then, we began our unit on building robots- starting with these circuit boards that can give our final projects simple commands! We cannot wait to see how the final projects turn out. 

One of our students is a photographer of sorts... he is fantastic at capturing the human face in it's many forms! 


Later on in the week, we had a such a succsessful homework completion that we decided to have a dance party to encourage this theme! Some students were more enthused than others...


Finally, we had a lesson on expressing gratitude, and wrote cards to ourselves and loves ones! This is an activity that pairs with an important lesson: being thankful for what one has. 


Thank you for reading, and I hope this holiday is filled with joy and cranberry sauce, a real favorite here at ALEC! 


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