Monday, September 19, 2016

Franktuary FUNdraiser for Brashear Kid's Fieldtrips!

Resources for our kids here at ALEC are so important and necessary to provide the best learning environments possible. Our team organized a fun social outing to Franktuary in Lawrenceville this Wednesday in mid-September, in the hopes of bringing attention to such needs and raising funds for future educational expeditions. We hoped to increase prospective options for field trips, an intrinsic part of learning through experience, and boy was it a great turn-out!

Here we are all smiles and optimism setting up for the evening event. Amber, Anna, Dianna and Alyce were so excited to offer a raffle and enjoy delicious hot-dogs. If you've never been to Franktuary, we highly recommend it- the service is wonderful, and as you can see our group gave it the thumbs up. 

Our raffle set-up was truly a blast, and had all of our guests enthusiastically anticipating the winners. See our smiling attendees below! It was a great time for all ages.

Finally, it came time for the moment of truth: announcing the proud winners of our grand prizes: a celebratory champagne and a fine decanter of lottery tickets! The suspense built as Amber drew the winning tickets from the mix as the crowd held its breath, hoping for the best! 

And look at the lucky winner herself, posing with one of the marvelous raffle items. She was so thrilled, and we were for her!

It was such a successful evening, and we were so appreciative to everyone who took out time to participate in our event. In closing, we want to remind our Brashear followers that everyone is a winner who invests their time and resources in our children's future. Thank you all. 

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