Thursday, July 7, 2016

GTECH, Watersheds, and More!

During last week's ECO Camp, the Brashear Kids got a visit from GTECH! We learned about watersheds, pervious and impervious surfaces, and how we can all help stop the spread of water pollution!

First, Ms. Sarah and Mr. Joe taught us what a watershed is. Allentown is part of the Mississippi River watershed, which is the fourth largest watershed in the world! It covers almost half of the United States. The kids were amazed at how easily we're all connected through water.

Next, the kids got to experiment with a small model town. Ms. Sarah used powdered drink mix and a spray bottle to demonstrate how rainwater runoff can mix with pollution from factories, farms, and houses and get into lakes and rivers.

The model had everything! Houses, farms, factories, frighteningly large goats... The works!

Finally, we learned that plants can help offset pollution. Each kid got to plant their very own brown-eyed Susan! There were so many extras that interested kids got to plant two - one to take home, and one to leave with us at ALEC. This was good news for us, AND good news for the bees Mr. Dustin taught us about! GTECH also gave us some pollinator-friendly flowers to plant in bigger pots and leave in our garden space. It's a great supplement to the gardening we did during our first week of ECO Camp! The kids were so excited to get their hands dirty and dig in the soil.

Thanks so much to GTECH for making this day possible!


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