Friday, July 22, 2016

Go! Camp: Week One!

We had an exceptionally busy week at ALEC! We kicked off GO! Camp, and we never stopped moving. 

Go! Camp is all about staying active, eating healthy, and being kind to our bodies. On Monday, we learned about moderation, balancing rest and activity, and fun games to keep us moving indoors on rainy days! We tangled and untangled ourselves with the human knot game, played balloon volleyball, and topped it off with peanut butter roll ups. 

On Tuesday, we went hiking through Allentown and Mount Washington! We stopped along the way to admire some beehives and gardens, and remembered some of the things we did during ECO Camp. A mile and a half later, we found ourselves at the Mount Washington branch of the Carnegie Library! We took a break to mix our own trail mix, learn about the 90,000 book Summer Reading Challenge, and check out some of their resources for kids! 

On our way back to ALEC, we stopped at Grandview Park to play and hang out for a little bit. Even though we hiked more than three miles, we still found the energy to play freeze tag! 

On Wednesday, special guest teacher Ms. Mara stopped by! Ms. Mara is a competitive Irish step dancer, and the kids were in awe of her fancy footwork. She taught us a few new dance moves. Even though it was hard to keep up with her, some of the kids really caught on! 

After Ms. Mara's lesson was over, we refueled with some summer salad. We picked some leafy greens from our garden, and piled them on our plates with strawberries, apples, blueberries, carrots, green peppers, craisins, sunflower seeds... The list goes on! Everyone built a healthy salad suited to their tastes, and almost everyone was clamoring for seconds. 

On Thursday, we took another hike! We stopped for delicious peanut butter bagels before hitting the trails in Grandview Park. We topped our bagels with fruit and agave nectar, proving once and for all that you can have a sweet snack without a ton of refined sugar. Yum! Of course, we each had a water bottle to carry, because hydration is important when you're on the go! At ALEC, Ms. Amber makes us water infused with fruit and herbs that come from our garden. Some of the kids kept that in mind, and made their own infused water with strawberries and apples! It was cool to see them take an idea and modify it on the fly. 

After our snack, we went through the woods, poked some stuff with sticks, and wound up at the playground again. We let the kids vote on whether they wanted to stay late at the park, or return to ALEC early and have Tech Time. They voted unanimously to stay at the park! Once you get moving, it's hard to stop. Especially when you're sharing a beautiful day with your friends. 

Go! Camp continues next week, and we've got some really cool guests lined up to teach our kids new sports and activities! We can't wait!


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