Monday, August 10, 2015

Goodbye From Jess

I spent this summer learning and hanging out with some amazing kids. I worked with the kids through 3 camps, Tech camp, Outdoors camp and Maker camp. With each camp, there was always something new to learn from the teachers and the kids. Working with these kids, the AmeriCorps staff and the Brashear staff helped enrich my learning and solidify my future endeavors in non-profit work. 

Seeing the kids get excited over a computer program, programming LED lights through playdough or taking a 3-mile bike ride to Millvale really showed the difference a program like ALEC summer camps can have. During each of these camps, I was given many opportunities to sit down and talk to the kids about their families, interests and hobbies. A few of my favorite conversations were had over posing with fake blue mustaches with Poppy and Lamar. 

Also, I really enjoyed going kayaking for the first time with Sevon. We had a special agreement to keep the oars in the water so neither of us would get wet. 

Surprisingly, I made it out of the kayak the least wet of all the teachers. We also beat the rest of the group when playing sharks and minnows with Mr. Evan. Or Harley’s sweet message about missing the program. Makye wrote that one of his favorite memories about camp was “Miss Jess”. 

Oddly enough, one of my favorite memories was playing connect four with Makye during free time. Overall, I enjoyed my time during this summer getting to make connections with the kids and the staff at ALEC!

- Jess

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