Monday, August 3, 2015

Brashear Kids Become Scientists for a Day

On Tuesday we used our scientific minds and made some observations on the world around us. First, each of the kids were given a plain Styrofoam bowl, and asked to write down what they noticed about it.

What does it look like? What does it smell like? What does it taste like? No, just kidding, don’t actually lick it.  They observed that the bowl was white, that it felt kinda squishy and it has a weird smell!

We continued to write down observations on the water that was then poured inside, noticing its
property of tension.

Then we covered its basic chemistry, learning about hydrogen and oxygen, and
some of the periodic table. Though this was advanced for the youth, some really understood what we
were talking about.  Mr. Anthony also taught the kids how water was made using two Hydrogen and one Carbon molecule and even discussed how easy it is for our water to become polluted and not safe for us to drink.

Its always fun to give our kids a little push to learn something that is a little advanced and super rewarding when they not only grasp the concept but are having fun learning!

After the lesson, it was time to play with some chemical reactions using baking soda, vinegar and a balloon.  When we told the kids we would be using baking soda and vinegar, their first question was, "Are we making volcanoes?!".

We were going to blow up balloons with the carbon dioxide gas that was released from the reaction. Everyone got a turn participating in the different steps to create the chemical reaction.  There were also a few mini eruptions on the table outside.

Sure, it was a mess, but that’s when it becomes the most fun!

- Sebastian 

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