Friday, July 10, 2015

Culture Club - France

At our ALEC location, I was asked to take some time and teach on a subject of my interest. Every other Saturday between now and August 8th I will be working with the kids to learn and discuss various worldly cultures. On June 27th, we started our first Culture Club meeting and the topic was France! 

I studied for France for 8 months and was very excited to cook and teach some kids about the glories of French culture.

We began our day by mixing up some French crepe batter, which is a very easy combination of flour, milk, and eggs. I was able to bring in my special crepe frying pan to help create the perfectly light and thin crepes. For filling, I brought cherries and peaches and ALEC was able to let us use their Nutella. YUM!

After trying out our tasty treats, a slide show was shown where we discussed several major French landmarks while listening to some French music. 

After the slide show, I taught the kids some French words! They thought this was a lot of fun and were determined to pronounce the French words correctly!

The kids concluded with a red, white, and blue pop out card craft. They spent several minutes piecing together the French flag colors and finally cutting out the pop up Eiffel Tower.

Au revoir!  

- Mackenize

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