Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Food Science: Putting It All Together

The Food Science daily feature of Eco Camp ended with a smash-hit nutrition picnic. Food Science covered topics of nutrition, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. Food Science was a created to advance the Brashear Association's healthy eating goals. We wanted to make nutrition more than just a snack time concern for staff, but an educational discussion with our students. The essential question of this program was "what is food?" The students learned about how food contains three essential ingredients: nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

Our exploration of nutrients led us to nutrition facts and how to read food packaging. Students got to meet the nutrients from food up close and personal. They got to see how, at room temperature, saturated fats are solid and unsaturated fats are liquid. We discussed the difference between simple carbohydrates and complex carbohydrates and the different ways that our bodies react to each. Finally, they heard about proteins and explored which foods are better or worse sources of protein.

The Food Science feature was a fun new experiment in out-of-school educational programming, and a success, I think. I hope that the Brashear Association can do more of the same with their students.

- John

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