Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Photo Club: On Warrington Ave.

One of the goals for Photo Club is to build a sense of connectedness to the community.  Warrington Ave., the main artery of Allentown, is where our students spend their time walking to the store, to ALEC, to school, and to the bus. On our tour, we talked with friends and neighbors who were curious about what we were doing. Our students were able to share their story and learn some new stories along the way.

Photo by Divine

Photo by Robert

Photo by Alaya

One of our exercises was to look for elements of design. They photographed texture and used lawns and sky as "white space" within the photograph. Some of our students also noticed reflections and images within images, creating interesting compositions.

Photo by Aaron

Photo by Amier

Photo by Lamar

Photo by Nicholas

Photo by Divine

Finding public art was also a great way to enrich our conversation of what it means to engage in the community: articulating a vision and beautifying a space. These are two of the murals that can be found just off of Warrington Ave.

Photo by Nicholas

Photo by Tre'

Photo Club is a project designed by Renee Greenlee, a Photography Intensive student at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.  The goal of Photo Club is to provide students with the tools and skills that they need to be the authors of their own visual stories. 

This project is supported in part by the Spark Fund for Early Learning at The Sprout Fund and is hosted by the Brashear Association's Allentown Learning & Engagement Center (ALEC). 

To learn more about Photo Club, check out our first two posts, here and here

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