Monday, March 23, 2015

Photo Club: Part One

We recently started a new photo education series with Renee Greenlee, our previous Education Coordinator. Photo club is held on Saturdays with a small group of students to allow for more individualized attention with Renee.  

For our first session of Photo Club at ALEC, we explored the streets of Allentown. With cameras in hand, we set out to document the streets where the students live and play. 

​Photo by Jeffrey

We took in the view of the neighborhood and noticed color, line and landscape along the way. The students took their assignments in stride: change your perspective and see what hidden shapes you can find.
Photo by Amier

​Photo by Amier

We walked along the streets the students take every day: to school, to ALEC, to the store.  Even though it was a very familiar environment, they noticed new things, and created images that reflected their more informed perspective. 

Photo by Robert

​Photo by Robert

Photo by Justice

​Photo by Justice

​Photo Club is a project designed by Renee Greenlee, a Photography Intensive student at Pittsburgh Filmmakers.  The goal of Photo Club is to provide students with the tools and skills that they need to be the authors of their own visual stories. 
This project is supported in part by the Spark Fund for Early Learning at The Sprout Fund and is hosted by the Brashear Association's Allentown Learning & Engagement Center (ALEC). 

In December we shared a beautiful mini documentary featuring the students at ALEC, which was shot by Renee Greenlee. Please click on the link to view it, you will have a difficult time not smiling through the whole video.
-Renee & Amber



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