Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Library Comes to ALEC

Recently, the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh paid our students a visit at ALEC! Maggie Craig of the CLP came to our after school program to show the girls and boys of Allentown what wonders can be found in a library. The Allentown neighborhood does not have a library of its own and many of our students and other community members are not familiar with library resources, so the CLP's monthly visit series are an important outreach.

Book after book, a profusion titles and colorful covers paraded before our students, drawing them in. Maggie read excerpts as kids cheered on their favorites and exclaimed plans to read new genres and titles.

When she'd finally run through her collection of books, Maggie challenged the kids to a guessing game. The students had to recognize objects by the shapes of their silhouettes. Speculation got pretty wild on the ambiguous forms, with birds and sea creatures in the running against vegetables.

After games, it was time for the kids to make bookmarks to help them navigate their future book explorations. The Brashear Association is grateful for the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh and our continuing partnership.The children in our program really love their visits!

- John

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