Friday, December 19, 2014

Brashear Kids Visit the Hardware Store

We celebrated our last week of 2014 programming with a little field trip in our neighborhood. We walked to the Hardware Store! The Hardware store is a fun technology based community collaborative with a co-working component.  They strive to serve the neighborhood and community around them through media services, web and mobile solutions, brand management and workforce support.

We started our session off with snack and listening to Josh Lucas share what the Hardware store does and how they help the Allentown town neighborhood of Pittsburgh. The students had fun asking questions about the space and asking who works there. Josh informed the students we would be making a youtube video about our neighborhood and how to be good neighbors. They were very excited and asked lots of questions like "Are we going to be famous?!" and "How many views will we get?" 

Next they each were given the opportunity to stand in front of the green screen and say their name and how they can be a good neighbor or what they love about their neighborhood. They especially liked this part because they could watch themselves on the video monitor. A few students did jumping jacks, some made silly faces or dances, and others practiced sweet ninja moves.

The students drew what they wanted their background image to be on the green screen. Some chose castles, others helicopters and one a dragon egg.  A few made fun thank you cards for Josh and the Hardware Store team for having us in their space.

We had lots of fun on this little field trip and we are looking forward to future collaborations together.  Our fun YouTube video featuring our students will coming soon! A big thank you to Josh for allowing us to visit their space and to be creative together.

To read more on the Hardware Store and what they are about please read this article, or follow them on twitter and facebook.


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