Tuesday, December 16, 2014

10 DIY Gift Wrap, Boxes & Bows

Reuse, revamp, and up-cycle this 2014 holiday season! We just recently held a Gift Making Class at our afterschool center in Pittsburgh, PA. Our elementary aged students had a blast making gifts for parents and siblings. We also decided to make boxes and personalized wrapping paper. This inspired today’s round up!

When it comes to the holidays we know we’ll be spending money on gifts but sometimes it’s easy to forget how much our wrapping items can add up. Buying tape, wrapping paper, holiday cards, bows, gift tags, and boxes can be an expense not everyone wants to participate in. That’s where this post can help.

Below are 10 ideas on how to make your own boxes and bows & how to reuse paper bags and newspaper for wrapping. Plus, we have a bonus for you at the bottom!

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For these boxes you finally have a chance to reuse toilet paper rolls, revamp extra wrapping paper and card-stock (time to reuse those holiday cards from 2005), and up-cycle a cereal box.

1. DIY Pillow Box by Right@Home 
2. Pyramid Gift Box by LinesAcross
3. Gift Box from a Cereal Box by Blight Design

Put those Trader Joe’s bags to good use. Or, do what I did and ask your colleagues and friends for their paper bags. I just love the look of a simple brown paper bag with a little hint of color. You can also spice them up with doilies, twine, white paint, etc. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Also, don’t underestimate wrapping with newspaper. You can get real classy with it!

4. Recycled Brown Wrapping Paper by Spearmint Decor
5. Make Your Own Holiday Wrapping Paper by Go Forth
6. DIY Kraft Paper Gift Wrap by Wit & Whistle
7. Gift Wrapping Ideas by Adelle

While you’re looking around the house for supplies, why not utilize the magazines that you have been hoping to find a use for by making homemade bows. There are different ways to make bows, so mix it up! Oh, and keep that newspaper out that you used for wrapping gifts.

8. Make Bows from Magazines by Whole Living
9. Make Origami Bows from Magazine Pages by How About Orange
10. Make a DIY Gift Bow from Newspaper by Kaitlyn Davis

BONUS #11!

Don’t forget about a gift tag. Try these cute, free gift tags! Just stop by your local hardware store and take some green paint chips. Well, you might as well grab a few different colors while you're at it.

11. Paint Chip Gift Tags by Create Craft Love

Don't forget to check out these awesome 5 Gifts Under $5 too. Now go and make the season a little brighter with these from-the-heart diy wrapping hacks!
Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! 
- Corey


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