Monday, October 6, 2014

Hello from your BK Contributors

Hi! Hello! Ahoy!

We are so happy to be actively contributing to this wonderful little blog we call Brashear Kids. The Brashear Association Education Department is comprised of an Education Coordinator, a Site Coordinator and two Americorps KEYS members. We are also so grateful for the work study students, volunteers and Service learning students from Duquesne University, they give their time and efforts to our after school programs. 

We have been given the amazing opportunity to partner with AmeriCorps KEYS program to bring in two members to act as our program teachers. The beautiful thing is we are graced with two teachers, the downfall is that they only serve a 10 month term with us. Our students quickly grow to love these teachers and hate to see them go every year. This year we are fortunate to have Corey and John join our team. They have made a wonderful addition and have acclimated themselves to our programs and routines quite well.


We have gone through a few staffing changes this summer. Amber, our former Site Coordinator, has now taken on the role of Education Coordinator.  Dianna, our former seasonal staff, has stepped up to the Site Coordinator position. Our students have a difficult time with staffing changes and we felt that the consistency of hiring within would help our students transition with all of the changes we have encountered with our education programs this year. To read more about those changes read 'All about ALEC'.

We love to focus so much of our blog on our students, projects, experiments, games and snacks that we also forget to share a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes. Brashear Kids will be making a better effort to encompass all aspects of the life of a crazy fun Pittsburgh afterschool program  We are so excited to share all about the new and fun opportunities we have coming up. 
To read a fun behind scenes article from earlier this year, check out 7 Secrets of After School Teachers.
Head on over to our contributors page to read a little more about our Brashear Kids contributors 


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