Thursday, October 16, 2014

DIY: Art Journals

We're at it again! Art Journals are under way and our students won't stop asking to do this activity during free time. I'd say it's a hit. Art Journals are an inexpensive way to have students become creators of their own ideas. Plus, it keeps them focused, which is always great in a small space! ;)

Old magazines, post cards, and holiday cards can now have a purpose again. And students will love the freedom of being able to write, cut out images and words they enjoy, and getting messy. 

What you'll need to get started:
  1. Journal, Composition Book, or Try One of craftideasweekly's DIY Journals
  2. Scissors
  3. Glue Stick and/or Tape
  4. Magazines, Post Cards, Holiday Cards, etc.
  5. Writing Prompts, Drawing Prompts, etc.

To jump-start the creative process, the students decorated the front and back of their Art Journals with collages made from magazine and post card clippings. Layering photos on top of other images was a challenging concept for some of the young students. 

At first some simply glued a whole post card on the front and said, "Done!". However, after observing their peers beginning to cut and paste interesting words and pictures onto their journals, a few peeled off their post card and tried again; this time challenging themselves to step outside their comfort zone and get really creative!

Once the front and back of their journals are decorated, it's time to fill those pages. I have found some students like to continue the collages onto their pages while some began writing "Dear Diary" style. One of our students, Destini, even proclaimed, "I like writing in my journal. I think I want to be a writer." 

While students enjoy the freedom of filling their pages with what they want, it can also be a great idea to provide prompts.

7 Prompt Ideas:

  1. Print a list of 100 words and have students choose one word a day to express through writing, drawing, or decorating.
  2. Print off list ideas such as, 10 favorite movies, favorite websites, favorite words, etc.
  3. Draw a scene from your dream.
  4. Draw your head and then fill it up with words and pictures showing what's going on in there.
  5. 10 Journal Prompts from the Enchanted Pixie
  6. 25 Conversation Starters from
  7. 100 Things to Draw from

Now that you have the necessities for an Art Journal, what are you waiting for?! And remember, the most important part of creating your own Art Journal is having fun!

For more creative projects, check out these 10 Creative Station Ideas for 2nd and 3rd Grade.

- Corey

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