Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer Camp at ALEC: Week Four

Our last week at our ALEC summer camp was a blast. We certainly had a lot of fun.
On Monday we put our engineering skills to the test and made creative masterpieces with the blocks by making castles, courtyards, forts, and whatever we could think of. We started a large papier mache octopus that will be an ongoing project during the next few weeks and once finished will be displayed at ALEC.

On Tuesday Leah of the Brazen Kitchen came and showed our students how to make yummy vegetarian tacos. You can see more of the recipe and tutorial here. Miss Emily taught us about Italy and Roman mythology as well as a traditional Italian game. We designed our mythical gods, some of those made up gods included gods of love, markers, shark boy and lava girl.

On Wednesday Jeanne from the Knoxville Carnegie Library returned to talk about garbage. She read our students a clever book about a garbage barge that traveled all over and could not find a place to dump it's garbage. We conducted a few experiments on plastics afterward, attempting to poke a skewer through a balloon and made silly putty, we even picked the colors we wanted the silly putty to be.

Thursday was our last day of summer camp and we had a big party with great snacks, smoothies, guessing games and Bingo! Our students were very excited about this game, Bingo halls across Pittsburgh better watch out. We ended the day by watching Frozen which included quite a bit of singing and belting out "Let it Go" as loud and as theatrically possible. 

ALEC summer camp is now at a close and we are open for normal summer youth hours for drop in visitors. We appreciate everyone who has made our camp possible from our special guests to our friends at Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh to our supporters and donors. Thank you!


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