Friday, June 20, 2014

Summer Camp at ALEC: Week One

Summer Camp at ALEC runs from June 16 to July 10! We have just finished our first week, and it was packed with awesome activities for our participants.

On Monday, we did an art project... painting recycled egg carton fishes and making seashell and starfish sand art.

 On Tuesday, our multicultural day, we played a fun guessing game from West Africa and made weavings on cardboard looms.

On Wednesday, we had two guests: Bek from Sweet Peaches, who made basil pesto for us to enjoy on mini pizzas. Jeanne from the Knoxville Library also visited and read us stories about bridges, which led to us building bridges out of marshmallows and toothpicks!

On Thursday, we had our community day. We discussed community and what we can do to support our communities. One of the points we came up with was recycling and composting. To follow up on this, we took a walk to the park and picked up trash and recyclables on the way there. The day was also memorable because Miss Amber brought her new chicks for us to see and hold!

We're excited for more fun weeks to come!


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