Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Paper Quilt for the Art Show

This past year at Grandview Elementary, we had a partnership with Haitian Families First which gave students the opportunity to exchange artwork with students from Haiti.  One of our biggest classroom projects was a collaborative quilt which represented the Haitian flag.  Students collaged the colors of the flag with positive messages to our friends in Haiti.  Students collaged using magazines, paper, crayons, and marker. Some of the quotes students wrote were: "We love you Haiti", and "Always be good".

One of our 5th graders, Jasmine, sketched the Haitian coat of arms, and then used water color to paint it. The large flag was displayed beautifully on the wall of the library for all to see! It was a great art project which got everyone involved; whether be by helping to collage, organizing the layout of the flag, or even gluing our flag--everyone had the opportunity to get involved.  The flag was displayed in the Pop-Up Library for the their art show and later in Assemble for the entire month of May! 


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