Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Field Trip: Fresh From the Farm Juices & Sweet Peaches

Through a special grant from Eat'n Park, we took the 4th and 5th grade students enrolled in our afterschool program at Grandview Elementary on a field trip. We went to  Fresh From the Farm Juices in the South Side and Sweet Peaches in Allentown.

Ankit, owner of Fresh from the Farm Juices, engaged our students in the process of making cold-pressed juice, highlighting the importance of local, organic produce.

Students washed and prepared spinach, kale, cilantro, carrots and apples to make Ankit's delicious Limey Green juice.

After everything was prepared, we saw the cold presser in action. Students loved being a part of the process, and they could not get enough of the juice. They asked for seconds, thirds, fourths...I think they could have finished off the entire supply of Limey Green juice!

After Fresh From the Farm Juices, we went to Sweet Peaches, a catering company on Warrington Avenue.  Bek prepared her famous Hilltop chicken salad wraps, fresh fruit kabobs with yogurt and honey dipping sauce, house made granola, and a bed of cous cous topped with vegetables.

Bek did a great job answering their questions about owning her own business, how to prepare a menu and of course, how they could make their own delicious chicken salad. 

They all wanted the recipe, and thankfully she made enough for them to be able to take home a wrap for later. 

Both the juice and the lunch were healthy and delicious, and we all learned so much about food preparation and owning a business. Thanks to both Ankit and Bek for making our field trip a great success. 


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