Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Student Spotlight: Aaron

Meet Aaron, he is a 4th grader in our after school program. He seems to be always moving and really enjoys telling funny stories and making others laugh, especially his teachers. Known on more than one occasion to throw his arm over your shoulder and start off by saying something to the effect of "Ms. Amber, You will never guess what happened..." and then follow it by laughing until he can get the whole story out.
Here are a few questions that I asked Aaron and his responses.

BK:  How do we solve world hunger?
A:  We can send the hungry people food.

BK:  If you had all the money in the world what would you do with it?
A:  Buy all the apple juice in the whole world and make the girls have have orange juice.
**sidenote: apple juice is the popular after school juice during snack time. Orange juice, not so much.

BK:  What do you think would make the world a more awesome place?
A:  To help people, to help them survive by sending them food and water.

BK:  What is the meaning of life?
A:  To play dodgeball and have fun and hang out with family.

BK:  What brings you the most happiness?
A:  My family.

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