Thursday, February 20, 2014

Asymmetrical Art Lesson with New Artists

At New Artists, we explored the concept of symmetrical vs. asymmetrical.  This project was inspired by a project done in a previous year with the students at Philps Elementary!  For this project, our third graders had the chance to choose an image in a magazine of their choice in which they cut in half so they could use their creativity to fill in spaces they cut out.

Once students chose their magazine image and cut it in half, they glued it to a background piece of paper and began to use oil pastels to color in detail of the other half of their new picture; students chose to either color the other half based on the original, or added a new design and colored it the way they wanted to perceive it.  Our New Artists, were very imaginative and paid particular attention to detail as they filled in their picture. 

The end product of this project was beautiful! It was great to see the students create a completely new image and interpret asymmetrical design in various ways.  This project enabled students to have a better understanding of symmetry and the importance of detail in works of art. 


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