Wednesday, December 11, 2013

An Easy DIY Teacher Gift Under $5.00

As after school teachers we see how important our school teachers are to our students and how much of an impact they can make in our students lives. At Christmas time, money can be tight so we wanted to offer a little gift idea for those special teachers in your kids lives. 

We realize you could easily pick up a pre shrink wrapped plant at your local supermarket but somehow that still doesn't feel as personal or special. The Super market plant may cost quite a bit extra just for a decorative shrink wrap.
So here is a quick and easy gift idea, that can be for a female or male teacher. It would be extra special if your child did this project alongside you or with your supervision to add that extra personal, and somewhat handmade touch.

Many things you may already have lying around your house. For this project you can easy improvise things like omitting the transparent wrap or using a cinnamon stick or small ornament instead of a charm or pine cone.
This project is very easy and can be done by your children if they are old enough to handle scissors. They will probably be very excited to pick out a plant for their teacher and wrap it themselves, as well as write a little personal message on the tag.

I chose these Croton plants because they are simple and easy to care for, just give them a window and some water every now and then and you're set, plus they still have a fun bright pop of yellow to keep them interesting.  I suggest giving a plant that is somewhat hardy and easy to tend to like cactus, house plants, air purifying plants or some succulents. I stay away from flower as they sometimes require more attention than others. 
We picked these cute potted plants at Lowe's for $3.47, there are others that are $2.87. Keep an eye on the clearance racks in the lawn and garden section as well. Sometimes they clearance out plants with a few dying leaves that can easily be plucked and watered and made good as new! 
Plants are an easy unisex gift. Guys can be difficult to buy for at times, so giving a plant is simple and colorful without all the extra frills.

Tip: Hardware stores are often overlooked as a craft resource but there is a lot of items you can get there that might be more expensive in a general crafts store such as Micheal's or Hobby Lobby. 
We found our kraft paper in the paint section at Lowe's for about $3. It is used for flooring but it was the perfect pliability for our needs in this project and will last for many craft projects to come in the future!

Step 1: Remove the stickers from the side of the container and any dead leaves from the plant.
Step 2: Cut one square foot of brown kraft paper and a 14" by 14" square of the transparent wrap and lay on a flat surface. If you want the brown on the outer side then place it under the transparent wrap, and vice versa if you prefer the opposite. 

Step 3: Cut your string at least a yard long (and longer if you would like more) 
Step 4: Place your plant in the center of your squares and pull up around the plant base. Wrap the string somewhat tightly around the pot of the plant and tie off. This may be easier to do with a second person, one to hold the plant with wrap and the other to wrap and tie the string.

Step 5: Address your tag or card and tuck it in the string wrapped around the plant. You can also attach your charm or pinecone to a string with the tag and tie it around the pot.
Step 6: Give your cute gift to the deserving teachers in your child's life!

For more fun DIYS and other after school games and activities follow us on Pinterest!



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