Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rangoli Sidewalk Art DIY

We studied India during our Summer camp and we looked at their decorative folk art. One form in particular, rangoli, is very popular for both Hindi religious festivals and cultural celebrations.

The folk art form of rangoli is practiced across the entirety of the Indian nation. It is a decorative art form that is usually displayed in the entryways to homes, inside the homes themselves, or in the courtyard to bring good luck and welcome Hindu gods and goddesses. Rangoli designs are symmetrical in patterns and usually circular. They often include lotus flower and mango leaf shapes or geometric designs and patterns. To color Rangoli designs, people in India traditionally use rice flour, colored sand, spices, and flower petals. For our sidewalk rangoli designs we drew the design out in chalk and coloring it in with colored sand and colored flour.

1.    Students can work individually or in groups depending on how big they want their design.
2.    Draw out rangoli design in chalk first on the sidewalk.
3.    Each student gets a few cups with colored sand/colored flour, and spreads it on the ground to color their design.
4.    Remember to focus on symmetry when constructing the design, and use color patterns.

We shared a similar project last week on the Community Sidewalk art DIY with a varied emphasis. 
This project was inspired by a project that Kid World Citizen shared on her blog.

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