Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AmeriCorps KEYS Work Day at the Allentown Community Garden

We are excited to be working with the AmeriCorps KEYS summer members and the Allentown Carnegie pop-up library today on an endeavor to clean up the lot we use as a community garden. We are so thankful to the 60+ volunteers who came out, dug right in (literally) and helped. A lot has been achieved today and it couldn't have been done without all their assistance.


Digital Salad, in conjunction with the Carnegie Library, is doing a special art project with this camera. They took over 3,000 photos that will be integrated into a neat collage during the summer. We will try to share the final project when it it finished.

The team took a much deserved break down at the library and had some Rita's. 

If you painted a fence, pulled weeds, hauled rocks, bricks and/or stumps out, THANK YOU!


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