Monday, May 20, 2013

Junior Achievement Week at Grandview

After our final week of regular afterschool programming at Grandview Elementary, we decided to host a special week for a smaller group of dedicated students called Junior Achievement week.

Junior Achievement is an organization dedicated to working with students to teach them about money, workforce readiness and entrepreneurship, tailored for specific age groups. It was a perfect program for us because the materials and lesson plans were provided to us at no cost, all we had to do was implement each lesson.

For elementary aged students, the curriculum was focused around the basic principles of money, banking and starting a simple business. The kids had a great time coming up with their own ideas for businesses and playing what was called the "community game" where they were able to make financial decisions for themselves.

Junior Achievement is a great resource especially for smaller non-profits (like us!) that might not have funding to do something like this otherwise. Check them out here.


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