Monday, March 25, 2013

Speech Bubble Magnet DIY

We are so excited to kick off this week of Pittsburgh Public Schools Spring break with our 5 Days of DIY!
All our DIYS are specifically created and focused on elementary age children but they are fun enough for the whole family to do together.

die cut chips (these can be found at most craft stores)
chalkboard paint
chalk, chalk pencils or white pen

a small bowl or jar to use for the paint
a sponge brush
a hot glue gun
a surface that doesn't stick (foil or parchment paper, newspaper doesn't seem to cut it)

First paint the chip with the chalkboard paint, two coats.

Place magnets on the back with hot glue gun.
I found that the strip magnets curl a bit and need to be hot glued to the back because they have a hard time sticking. 

You can condition it with chalk before you write on it but this is optional.

White pens make a nice clean look or chalk pencils provide a more fine line for your saying.

And TaDa! you're done! Get creative with your sayings, let us know of some wacky ones that you come up with.

Hope you have fun with this.

Please check back on the blog the rest of the week as we continue our 5 days of DIY here on the Brashear Kids blog or go like our Facebook page to stay up to date as we have new posts.


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