Monday, September 10, 2012


Welcome to The Brashear Kids' blog!

This blog was created to be a resource for everyone from art teachers to home schooling parents to art therapists.  As we go through the 2012-13 school year we will be in two different South Pittsburgh schools conducting two different afterschool programs.

This program is run by The Brashear Association with the support of many partners including AmeriCorps KEYS staff, Duquesne University students and community volunteers.

Allentown neighborhood
Grandview Elementary School
Allentown Academy Enrichment Program
2nd through 5th grade

Weekly, Grandview students will explore various forms of art and culture.  We will share our projects and lessons so that we can discuss what worked and troubleshoot along the way.

South Side neighborhood
Phillips Elementary School
New Artists Enrichment Program
3rd through 5th grade

We will be exhibiting the students' lesson and project of the week. These projects will culminate in an art show where students will display their best art work at the end of the year.

Please let us know if the content that we have is helpful or if you have any further questions concerning the projects and lessons. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the blog!


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